Device Features:

The wristband is equipped with sensors to detect:
Heart rate, Pulse Oximeter, Skin Temperature, ECG, Ambient Temperature, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Vibration, and GPS.

It transmits key parameters to the cloud using connectivity options (BLE, NB-IoT).

Users can access their health insights via our Web/Mobile application, designed to differentiate various activities. The AI/ML model in the application can interpret images captured by the camera with the help of the Digital Avatar.

The UI features a voice-activated AI chatbot acting as a virtual health assistant. This bot monitors user health data, offers health insights, provides reminder services, and helps in scheduling.

The chatbot continually learns from medical databases, evaluates the wearer’s data, offers insights on potential health concerns, and provides guidance. It aids in identifying conditions like Fibromyalgia, Cold-Flu, Adenoviruses, and Skin-related concerns, and also offers mental well-being insights.

The member mobile application facilitates user interaction with the Virtual Health Assistant and grants access to features like Device Management, Mobile-Device and Mobile-Cloud communication, and appointment workflows.

The member web application allows health professionals to use the system, including features like Health Professional Profiles, Appointment Settings, and User Health Insights.

For privacy, we don’t use personal data for registration or login. The system identifies users based on sensor data.

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