Blueberry-Health Engine™

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Ultimate Health Tech
on Your Wrist

Global IoT
Always Connected

Autonomously Powered
Elegant & Weightless

As a consequence of population expansion, rising economical wealth and people developing more personal sensitivity for a healthier life across all genders and ages the need for more efficient and smarter medical and health services and solutions keeps continuously increasing worldwide. Medical personal and caretakers are on their limit to sufficiently services the increasing demand of patients.


Give people a simple way to access health care


Blueberry, gracefully positioned on your wrist, offers seamless access to a plethora of integrated health services for both you and your loved ones

Blueberry-Health Engine™

Harvesting essential biometrics–pulse, skin temperature, and isolated ECG–to enrich a robust health platform. Periodic, machine-learning-driven data captures aim for nuanced, personalized advisories

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