KOS Blueberry® and Yasmine® Platform for Information Age Healthcare

Paying for Healthcare

The cost of healthcare has exploded in the U.S., its quality varies discernibly, and its effectiveness is unclear. A minority of the country have coverage while costs for them increase 10X faster than premiums. This is unsustainable.

The lack of models for individual health and healthcare needs:

  • prevents the industry from meeting the healthcare needs of the larger population
  • results in costs that increase more rapidly than policy premiums
  • causes healthcare providers to favor privately insured patients and untargeted and ineffective treatment strategies
  • increases healthcare costs and decreases the quality of outcomes

Emergency Room visits in the U.S. are costly and increasing; over 80% today are “treat and release”

The Healthcare Information Age

Medical science and technology have revolutionized our ability to monitor and predict patient health. Instead of treating a patient based on sporadic snapshots, individual health can be seen as an evolution of symptom/treatment/outcome over time.

AI and machine learning allow us to discern and predict patterns in this evolution, choose targeted rational treatments and measure their impact in real time. With these technologies our healthcare system can respond intelligently to routine, and even catastrophic. illness events.

Advanced AI and IoT technologies enable patients and providers to recognize, classify, and predict individual patient condition to prevent disease, while enabling insurers to expand their markets.

The KOS Healthcare Platform

KOS’ AI-enabled healthcare platform provide this information age individual patient health management. KOS’ Blueberry® wearable device gathers patient information, while the KOS Yasmine® Web and mobile application analyzes that information and labels it with the patient’s current daily activity. The KOS Healthcare Platform provides low-cost, interactive individualized health and wellness management:

  • gathering health-critical data
  • contextualizing data by labeling it with the  patient’s current activity
  • assesses patient condition in context
  • assesses treatment compliance and effectivity
  • advises patient and providers of appropriate responses before the condition progresses to disease

Patient and healthcare professionals interact with the KOS Platform through the patient’s avatar Yasmine® that houses the patient’s digital twin. The KOS Platform uses AI and ML to recognize, predict and respond to changing health patterns. By interacting with the patient, in text and verbally and visually, Yasmine® fuses data and intelligent analytics with the patient’s own experience to provide recommendations informed by data, patient history and the patient’s sense of what’s going on.

The KOS Platform Healthcare Tree®

Living better and longer” is the outcome in the health and wellness information age. It can only be achieved through an understanding of all the factors that our health depends on. The KOS Platform captures the relationships between patient data and health and wellness dependencies, in his or her healthcare tree®, resulting in:

  • sustainable health
  • increased diagnostic precision
  • profitable individualized healthcare and
  • increasingly more efficient, effective, and preventive healthcare

With KOS’ precision healthcare management tools, resources can be allocated to provide quality healthcare coverage for far more of our population!

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Dr. Edward Griffor