For Pharmacy

Pharmacies, and the treatment components they provide to the patient, are a critical element of the overall treatment strategy. Their timely awareness of the doctor-proscribed pharmaceuticals, including characteristics and cost, is critical to treatment impact and success. The Kos suite not only provides the patient-authorized physician access to the patient’s monitoring data and data analytics, but also assists the patient in scheduling and tracking appointments and allows the patient’s physician to enter scripts/prescriptions directly into the physician Kos interface.

In addition, using the Kos mobile or Web application:
● the patient is able to configure his/her pharmacy preferences
● the doctor scripts/prescriptions can be directly passed on to the patient-configured pharmacy electronically and securely, and
● the pharmacy can notify the patient, and the prescribing doctor if desired, of the current status of the script, and
● the pharmacy, or pharmacy delivery partner, can arrange for the delivery of the prescribed medications to the patient and even confirm delivery

Kos is always interested in expanding and deepening collaborations with health and wellness partners, including pharmacies, with the goal of shortening elements of the healthcare treatment cycle or improving outcomes for patient, doctor and healthcare industry stakeholders.

Pharmacies, and Pharmacy agents, interested in more information can contact Kos by navigating to the Contact Us page of this site.