AI Remote Based Bio Diagnostics under KOS

Through machine learning we are developing a new standard in frontline healthcare. Our AI Platform is being created to empower both the patient and the front-line service worker so that both alike can understand and engage with each other reducing information gap risk factors bring a range of BioSensory information to both parties alike. Such scores allow closer mediation in time-sensitive situations and allows health patients to highlight patient sensitive issues with early recognition to understand prognosis data indicators earlier.

Your Digital Physician

We believe that the case for Self Managed Health is rising and have developed an augmented reality tool to provide better patient care. We believe that health professionals deserve better tools engaging in patient care and that patients deserve better transparency on disease prevention through better health education. COVID-19 has highlighted not only the heightened burden on public services but also the need for better information and clearer data analysis to monitor and analyze preventative changes.

Help optimize your health journey with personalized wearable BioSensory technology.

KOS seeks to streamline frontline medical services by reducing patient waiting and hospital ward waiting times through creating immersive telemedical channels through better data connections. Care continuity is our main priority in registering patient BioFeedback to help reduce information risk and to highlight vulnerable patients who show earlier symptoms first reducing stress for the care system. We aim to deliver Medical Grade notifications enhances patient security and provides accurate monitoring for clinicians. Tracking symptoms and anticipating treatment through monitoring vital signs is key to creating a more enhanced patient care plan.

Our Research

Our team of machine learning scientists are perfecting our approach to frontline healthcare by using applied sciences with enhanced improvements in data management to provide better indepth analysis using biosensors.
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